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Solutions For Your DWI/DUI/BAC Case

After a DWI/BAC/DUI arrest, you’re going to face two legal battles: (1) your criminal charge(s) in court, and (2) a separate civil driver’s license suspension or revocation action.

And whether you “blew," refused the breathalyzer test and/or your blood was drawn, you need take immediate action because doing nothing will likely result in the automatic suspension or revocation of your driver’s license in as few as 15 days after your arrest – regardless of the outcome of your criminal charge(s).

If you’re a prior offender, you may face the potential loss of your driver’s license for five or even ten years. 

Working to Obtain Driving Privileges

If you’ve already lost your license for five or even ten years due to prior convictions, Rodney McKinney may be able to help you obtain a limited driving privilege (a/k/a “hardship license”) or the reinstatement of your driver’s license – both of which require filing a petition in Circuit Court.

Handling All Complex Legal Issues

The legal issues in DWI/BAC/DUI cases and their consequences are complex. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of the judge, prosecutor, or an attorney not experienced in this area of law. You need the right legal representation as soon as possible to protect all of your rights and privileges.
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